Spasms are no laughing matter

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By Angye Morrison

I’ve spent the past week or so with back spasms. Not something I anticipated, nor did I enjoy it. Who would? Back spasms are no fun.

You don’t realize how much you are dependent on your back each day. I mean, it’s kind of a given. But we just don’t think about it much. But when the back is out of whack, your world stops. Trust me.

I was flat on my back, for the most part, for the first three days. Then I began to move around a little more, albeit very slowly. I was so glad to be up and around, I even went by city hall to pay my electric/water/sewer bill with a big smile on my face. I was moving slow but dangit, I was moving.

I heard from friends that they had also experienced similar circumstances, and had endured days of pain themselves. They agreed with me: it’s not much fun.

Here’s what I did while I was flat on my back...

I watched a lot of television. Did you know that there are several channels that air the same show at the same time? You can watch Oprah on three different cable channels at once. Kind of a waste of air time if you ask me.

I also read a couple of books. That was a much better use of my time.

I e-mailed friends that I haven’t been in touch with much in the past few months. I didn’t mention my circumstances, only that I wanted to catch up with them. It was nice to do spend some time doing so.

I talked on the phone, something I don’t have a lot of free time to do on a regular basis. I’m not much of a sit-and-talk-on-the-phone kind of gal, but I made an exception here. I needed to hear voices other than the ones in my head.

I suppose the thing I did most was to just stare at the ceiling. I did a lot of reflective thinking. I thought about my priorities, and where I need to make adjustments. I thought about my schedule, and where I need to make adjustments. I thought about my free time, and where I need to make adjustments. I even thought about my back, and where the chiropractor needs to make adjustments.

It’s good to take a little time to be reflective like that. We all need to be flat on our backs occasionally. Figuratively speaking, of course, and minus the back pain. Because when we’re flat on our backs, the only place we can look is straight up.

And that’s not such a bad thing, after all.

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