Soulful statesman

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Acts old, new carry the torch for concert in Quincy

By Robert Allen

Thaddeus Shaw, A Quincy native, returned with his band to play at the Mother’s Day concert May 10 at the Tanyard Creek Amphitheater. R&B singer Freddie Jackson headlined the concert. The evening also included performances by N’Spire, Donnell Davis and the Maximum Treble Band, and The Intruders — the legendary Philly soul group formed in the late 1960s. 


“It was great,” said Shaw, immediately after stepping off the stage. “Not just to perform and come back — but I had a little hand in getting it together.”

Shaw, who goes by “T Shaw” when he performs, said the event was designed to bring more activity and entertainment to Quincy. 

His band drove all the way from Philadelphia to play the show — and they were quickly packing and returning to the Keystone state to catch a gig at the Hard Rock Café in Philly. 

“It came together by the grace of God,” said Shaw, speaking about his band — a group originally formed for a few studio sessions. 

“I met the guys in Philly and they became family. We put together a tight unit.”

When Dean Morrow of The Intruders stepped off the stage, worn from singing his way through a fully choreographed set, he said how good a time we was having at the show. 

Morrow said he was happy to be able to take people back, to sing some of the same sounds to which some audience members would remember dancing in their basements with girlfriends when they were teenagers. 

In honor of the holiday, they sang their song “I’ll Always Love my Mama.”

Morrow and the rest of the Intruders, the elder statesmen of Philly soul that evening, spent the rest of the evening backstage, quietly smoking cigarettes and intently listening to the younger generation perform a sound they helped inspire. 

Freddie Jackson, armed with 11 No. 1 hits, brought a full band and ended the night strong.  

He stoked the crowed, inspiring a level of fervor unreached before his set. Jackson stripped down and loosened up as he proceeded through his performance. Fans in the front row reached and stretched to touch him throughout the show.