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By The Staff

For the very first time in two years, I got to go fishing with my friend Bill Allen. He took me to his best jack fish hole and gave me his best bait. I almost froze to death. It took hours under an electric blanket to get thawed out. He was absolutely disgusted with me. I never caught a jack fish, but he took two and we together took seven bass. Wow, what a day. I must do it more often.

We have already heard that President-elect Barack Obama will be “tried” early in his days as president. Let me give you a bit of history. Thirteen days after Andrew Jackson was inaugurated, two boats were attacked, the crews were killed and the boats, which were flying the American flag, were sunk. He sent a 24-gun ship and told the captains to seek and destroy any pirate ship they saw. That let the world know that if we are stricken, we will strike back.

We have had sorry fishing here lately and were told most folks had the same. Well, Randy Weaver took a party out and came to the dock with a big catch of perch. Thirty to 40 good ones and one 20-pound flathead that they gave to me. I skinned and fileted him quickly and got him into my stomach fast. Some kind of good eating, flatheads.

The Chase family, father and son, spent two days on the lake and landed 18 bass, up to 3 pounds a day. Another boat reported 20 bass taken swimming a worm and top water one of the days the Chase family caught theirs.

Ten bass were taken on traps and spinner baits. Eight other bass were taken on crank baits 8 feet down.

Pam Martin-Wells killed a big buck with her bow. She was really excited about that. So was David Avant when he stopped a 9-point buck with the third round from a 30-06. Tough deer. Russell Smith took a 180-pound, 9-pointer with one shot.

As I write this column, (Sunday evening), several prime fishermen are out. They may do real well.

Wingate’s Fishing Report

Lake Surface Temp: 65 degrees

Lake Level: Near Full

Clarity: Clearing Nicely

Flint: Can see spinner 18 inches

Chattahoochee: Slow

Spring Creek: Near Clear

Fish Pond Drain: Slow