Schools fare well in FCAT math

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Scores released for third-grade reading and math, fourth-, eighth- and 10th-grade writing

By Alice Du Pont

The Florida Department of Education released the latest Florida Comprehensive Assessment Tests results May 24. Overall, students raised their scores on state writing tests. Most improvements were made among minorities and elementary school children, according to DOE.


According to the DOE, African-American students made some of the largest gains, improving their writing scores by 6 points overall. 


In Gadsden County, the scores below reflect the percentage of third-graders (by school) scoring 3 or above in reading and mathematics:


• Chattahoochee: reading, 36 percent; math, 73 percent.

• Crossroad Academy: reading, 73 percent; math, 83 percent.

• Gadsden Elementary Magnet School: reading, 83 percent; math 100 percent.

• G.W. Munroe: reading, 33 percent;; math, 78 percent.

• Greensboro: reading, 28 percent; math, 60 percent.

• Gretna: reading, 51 percent; math, 85 percent.

• Havana: reading, 40 percent; math, 64 percent.

• St. John: reading, 10 percent; math, 59 percent.

• Stewart Street: 50 percent; reading, 65 percent.


In Florida the average score was 57 and the average math score was 58. Overall, in the county reading was at 41 percent and math scores were at 71 percent.


“I am particularly pleased with our third-graders eclipsing the state in gains in math again. This progress is most notable in light of the fact that statewide students are being assessed using a more rigorous test with the higher score requirements of the FCAT 2.0,” said School Superintendent Reginald James.


For the third year in a row, third-grade students in Gadsden County are at the head of the class. The 8-year-olds are again No. 1 in the Big Bend and have risen from eighth in the state in 2011 to fifth in 2012 and second in 2013. The Florida DOE increased test rigor and expectations this school year. The district’s math score proficiency rate was 71 percent, exceeding the state average of 58 percent and ranking the district’s passing rate as second in the state, according to a Gadsden School District press release.


In that same release, it stated that “writing has historically been another tested subject where the school district has led; however the district’s performance was no exception to the state trend and experienced a decline across all tested grades. The district performed slightly below the state average in fourth grade and placed in the middle of the pack amongst Big Bend districts. School officials anticipated some declines, but noted results would provide the valuable data needed to improve students’ writing performance and become a top performer again.”