Routine stop turns to car chase

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By Robert Allen

A traffic stop for speeding turned into a multicar chase after a Gadsden County Sheriff’s Office deputy spotted two vehicles after midnight in Greensboro, northbound on Greensboro Highway. The cars were passing through a residential area marked at 35 mph. One was travelling at 45 mph, the other 

51 mph. 

According to the GCSO arrest report, when the deputy approached the lead car during a traffic stop, the driver, Queniton Montez Winbush, 28, of Gretna, said he did not have a valid driver’s license. The deputy then told Winbush he would be back with him in a moment before returning to his patrol vehicle 

The deputy recorded in his arrest report that the suspect behaved as if he were nervous. With this in mind, the deputy was checking for available back-up in the area because he was afraid the suspect would flee on foot once he was outside the car — a move necessary to allow the deputy’s further intended investigation. 

But as the deputy made his request, Winbush fled in his vehicle. 

The deputy pursued. According to the arrest report, Winbush extended his hand through his open window more than 10 times, possibly discarding something. While doing this, the deputy reported Winbush drove erratically, swerving repeatedly from driving on the shoulder of his lane to driving on the shoulder of the opposing lane. 

The duty said one motorist had to take evasive action to avoid a head-on collision with the fleeing suspect. 

When Winbush reached the I-10 interchange, he proceeded to flee eastbound on the interstate. At this point, according the report, three patrol vehicles were pursuing the speeding suspect. 

Once on the interstate, one deputy was able to pass Winbush, positioning himself in front of the suspect’s car, forcing him to reduce his speed. Another deputy pulled up beside Winbush and remained next to him. And the third deputy pulled in tighter behind the suspect. Winbush was boxed in. 

According to the arrest report, no contraband was found in the vehicle — and Winbush would not say why he fled. 

He is charged with fleeing/eluding police with disregard of safety to persons or property and operating a motor vehicle without a valid driver’s license.