Restaurants in Havana pass muster with health inspectors

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By Angye Morrison

Restaurants in Havana have been given the thumbs-up by state health inspectors – for the most part.

During conducted inspections – some as recent as the end of June – five restaurants passed muster with no violations, according to the Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation. Those restaurants included Bugsy’s Pizza & Stuff, Burger King, Havana Trading Company, Hobbit Hoagies of Havana and The Tomato Cafe & Tea Room.

The Magnolia Cafe had no critical violations, but was cited for a non-critical infraction.

Receiving the most critical violations was the Northside Restaurant & Diner, which was cited for 10 critical violations and five non-critical.

Critical violations included potentially hazardous food held at greater than 41 degrees, cold holding equipment incapable of maintaining potentially hazardous food at proper temperature, no conspicuously located thermometer in holding unit, lack of use of chemical  test kit when using chemical sanitizer at three-compartment sink/warewashing machine, soil build-up inside ice bin, sewage on ground from failed septic system, “a lot of” live flies outside of back door, unused opening in panel box unprotected, LP gas cylinder with greater than 1-pound gas capacity inside building and license expired within 30 days after expiration date.

Non-critical violations included an unprotected ice scoop, holes in the wall in the men’s restroom, a light not functioning in the women’s restroom and carbon dioxide tanks not adequately secured.

The Mockingbird Cafe had nine critical violations, including the required consumer advisory for raw/undercooked prime rib not provided, working containers of sugar and flour removed from original container and not properly identified, no conspicuously placed thermometer inholding unit behind the front counter, bare-hand contact of ready-to-eat food by employees (repeat violation), employee eating food in a food preparation or restricted area, no  handwashing sign provided at handsink by ice machine used by employees, handsink by ice machine lacked proper hand drying provisions, spray bottle of sanitizer stored in food prep area and unlabeled bottle of sanitizer observed.

The only non-critical violation cited was that single-service lids were stored on the floor.

Pit Stop BBQ was cited for critical violations nine times. Those violations included beans with a mold-like growth stored in the refrigerator, potato salad at 50 degrees, refrigerator incapable of maintaining potentially hazardous food at proper temperatures, food being smoked on a smoker outdoors, lack of toilet tissue at each toilet, hand wash in kichen and restrooms lacking proper hand drying provision, license no properly displayed and amanger lacking proof of food manager certification.

Subway was cited for seven critical violations, including cold holding equipment incapable of maintaining potentially hazardous food at proper temperatures, ambient air thermometer in holding unit not accurate, ammonium sanitizer not at proper minimum strength for manual warewashing, buildup of slime on soda dispensing nozzles, covered waste receptacle not provided in women’s restroom, license expired within 30 days after expiration date and no certified food manager for establishment.

The only non-critical infraction was an open dumpster lid.

Richie’s Cafe received citation on four critical violations, including ready-to-eat corn prepare on site and held more than 24 hours not properly date-marked, buildup of slime in the interior of the ice machine, hand wash sink in the kitchen lacked proper hand drying provision and handwashing cleanser lacking at sink in kitchen.

Granny’s Frying Pan was cited for five critical infractions, and Asian Buffet received three critical violations and two non-critical. Details on the violations were not listed.

Mickey’s Diner received citations for two critical violations, including inaccurate food thermometer and no conspicuously-located thermometer in the holding units.

Non-critical violations were grease accumulated under cooking equipment, hold in the wall near the sink in the men’s restroom and carbon dioxide tanks not adequately secured.

Joanie’s Gourmet Market received one critical citation for an unlabeled spray bottle (sanitizer). Non-criticals were utensils not properly stored, single-service articles handled, displayed or dispensed in a manner that allows for contamination and single-service items stored on the floor.

Teresa’s Cafe received only one critical violation, listed as the bathroom not enclosed with tight-fitting, self-closing doors (repeat violation).

Editorial Note: The Times will report  on inspections of restaurants throughout the county in the coming weeks.