Residents speak out on utility price hike

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By The Staff

I think they should look for another source like GA Supply. Even if there is a larger up front cost, in the long run it would be better. Maybe they could look at Tallahassee and see where they're getting their energy from and see if we can use it. I don't think raising the rate for the citizens is fair.

Sam Palmer


As a resident of the city of Quincy and county of Gadsden, I oppose any form of increase in the city utilities usage. Many residents including myself are experiencing a dramatic increase in my public utility bill without an rate increase.  

Frankly, utilitiy bills in Quincy appear to vary based on a number of factors including which side of town you reside. Any increase in utilities will force many residents to choose between food and utilities.  

Furthermore the cut in state budgets are forcing agencies that normally assist individual families with paying their utility bill are forced to close or provide even less coverage of assistance.  

It is my hope that such propsed increase will not become a reality.

Lillian Hover


Regarding the article in the paper on the proposed 70 percent rate hike, isn’t that what the fuel surcharge is for? 

I understand raising rates at a pace comparable to other utilities, but I am rather curious to know if other utilities are raising rates to the extreme of 70 percent? 

I am willing to bet that many residents would be very interested in knowing what other local providers (TEC, etc.) charge per kilowatt hour.

If they raise the rate, is that going to eliminate or reduce the fuel surcharge? Does Quincy have the option of getting power from a different utility?  What about TEC? They are, after all, headquartered in town.

Diana M. Thurman