Resident sees wrongdoing in commission meetings

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By The Staff

Will somebody, anybody, education Gadsden County commission chairman Eugene Lamb as it relates to citizen input during the commission meetings? Lamb seems to think that a citizen giving his or her opinion about an issue must be in line with his thinking.

At the April 21 meeting, I came to the podium to give my opinion about hiring a county manager from outside of the county, even though there was a 3-2 vote (by commissioners) for him (newly-hired administrator, Johnny Williams). I did so because of, in my opinion, the past behavior during the hiring process for the position of county administrator.

When the November election afforded the new commission the opportunity to lead by example and put their money where their mouths are, they took a nose dive in the same mud hole they accused the previous board of doing, in my opinion. Let me get this straight – what's wrong for some is right for others?

Why was Robert Presnell passed over, and why wasn't he nominated by Commissioner Gene Morgan, since Morgan lives in District 3, where Presnell also lives. Morgan should have been thrilled to have an administrator from his district in place.

When I confronted the board about such hypocrisy, in my opinion, Lamb blew a gasket and threatened to have me removed from the meeting.

Lamb, freedom of speech doesn't just apply to those that share your opinion, but also to those who do not.

Furthermore, if you worked as hard to open the hospital as you do trying to dictate what a citizen can and cannot say, then you will have something to be proud of.

If you (and the board) are not careful, you are going to bring lawsuits against the county all because one person is giving his opinion.

John Battles