Repurposing a piece of history

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Historic train depot ribbon-cutting event draws a crowd in Greensboro

By Cheri Harris

With the snip of an enormous pair of scissors, an old building got a new job this past Saturday when The Historic Greensboro Apalachicola Northern Depot officially reopened with a special celebration.


The last original depot on the Apalachicola Northern Line will now serve Greensboro as a museum and meeting facility. During the ceremony, restoration project supporters shared the story of how the West Gadsden Historical Society formed with help from the late Patricia Fletcher Vice and, later, how she and others worked to save the historic depot from scheduled demolition and relocate it to a donated piece of land.

A plaque naming the meeting room the Patricia Fletcher Vice Meeting Facility was unveiled at the open house event.

Lynne Layton Poucher and Greensboro Mayor William “Buddy” Pitts cut the red ribbon at the end of the ceremony.

Pitts donated a book of stories about railroad in Greensboro that he has gleaned from pages of past issues of The Gadsden County Times. He said he has been through every page in the bound volumes from 1916 to 1984.

The West Gadsden Historical Society received a grant through the U.S. Department of Transportation to restore the historic depot and build the adjoining classroom. The museum collection will include items pertaining to the Apalachicola Northern Railroad as well as other items. 

Anyone with items related to railroad history they would like to donate to the historical society is asked to call 850-442-6434.

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