Readers disturbed by columns

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By The Staff

What kind of jerk would bash teachers?  I was the only secretary in an elementary school for 6 years and I can truthfully say the teachers made my day.  And what would I have done had it not been for the wonderful teachers I had through my 14 years of school? 

No I didn't graduate from college, but went on to other pursuits, giving the teachers I had credit for having accomplished what I did. I might tell you that at 93 years of age I just had my memoirs published.  Teachers were my best friends and I loved the ones who taught me and the ones with whom I worked.

(Times columnist) Ray Willis has been a wonderful friend and neighbor and I enjoy his articles, so he too, is a teacher friend.

Best wishes for your paper. 

Marge Petitmerme


We have been getting the Gadsden County Times for over 50 years. We love the editorial page and you have had some great articles and opinions.  Alice DuPont has done a wonderful job of speaking out for the betterment of our community for many years.  We especially love Kes Colbert and his stories of growing up.  They are funny and lighthearted but always kind.  He has had many stories about various people who have been a positive influence on his life.  These are humorous but very respectful. 

We especially loved his story about his wife's retirement.  It just showed what a wonderful, dedicated teacher she was and how he and the family had all participated and assisted her in any way possible. It was a showing of love and admiration for his wife. It seems that Kes' wife has had many, many students who loved and respected her and realized what a dedicated teacher she was. 

She also had a family who supported her and made sacrifices like she did to help her to be a great teacher.

We were very disturbed about what Ray Willis had to say about Kes' article. We could not believe he could be so disapproving.  I wonder what Ray Willis' students would say of him?  I would certainly have hated to have someone as condemning as him for a teacher.  Teachers have a tremendous influence on our lives and sometimes you get a great one like it seems Kes' wife was.

By the way, we don't know either one of the gentlemen or their families.


Margie and Lamar Sims