Reader shines light on ‘untrue’ issue

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By The Staff

President Obama says: "No federal dollars (in his health care proposal) will be used to fund abortions." That is untrue. Obama's proposal explicitly allows payment for all elective abortions under his "public option." Any person enrolled in that plan would be required to pay an additional premium (an abortion "surcharge") to cover the cost. Abortionists would send bills for abortions to the federal government and receive payment checks drawn on a federal Treasury account.  The funds in this account are government (i.e. public) funds. This is direct federal government funding of abortion. 

The "Hyde Amendment" will not prevent this. The Hyde Amendment applies only to funds appropriated through the annual Health and Human Services appropriations bill.  The Hyde Amendment will not apply to any of the funds used to establish or operate either the "public option" or the premium-subsidy program created by Obama's plan.  

Obama also said "If you misrepresent what's in this (health care reform) plan, we will call you out."  Since certain elements of the national media will not "call out" Obama when he misrepresents the truth, others among us have to do it by pointing out the facts in a local newspaper.

Paul Mazzotta