Reader questions Obama’s stance

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By The Staff

Once deadened, the conscience is difficult to restore.  "Pro-choice" President Barack Obama is seeking to further deaden the conscience of the American public regarding abortion on-demand. 

As recorded in his July 17, 2007 campaign stump with Planned Parenthood, his stated desire is to force all taxpayers,  regardless of their personal moral/religious views, to fund abortion in his health care reform proposals.

He couched abortion on-demand within the innocuous-sounding phrase "reproductive health care."  Abortions done for "health" reasons include all social and economic factors.  

 At a given point in the pregnancy (as early as the first trimester, perhaps later), evidence is that the human fetus experiences pain while being killed by the abortionist. Watch a sonogram and see the infant's reaction while being aborted.

However, Obama will not even talk of anesthetizing the infant prior to being aborted. 

He has successfully anesthetized his own conscience on the abortion issue. Ironically, if an unanesthetized dog were being killed in the same manner the human fetus is killed, Obama and the animal rights groups would be howling about it.

On the issue of including abortion in health care reform, Obama is close to moral bankruptcy.  He now seeks to have the rest of America follow his lead. 

Making all of us fund abortion on-demand in his health care reform proposal is part of his approach. 

Paul Mazzotta