Reader questions local restaurant policy

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By The Staff

What is it about America? Why do corporations and government at all levels ride the backs of the taxpayer?

As an example, Gadsden County charges a 1 percent surcharge in addition to the state’s 6 percent sales tax and then, on top of that, charges another half-cent sales tax for a grand total of 7.5 percent. How do local businesses collect a half-cent sales tax?

Why, in fact, can the county even charge the half-cent tax for indigent care when we don’t even have a hospital? Why doesn’t Medicaid or Social Security pay this cost. Why does this come down to a sales tax? Is the county dripping in state and federal funds, and then frosting the cake with another half-cent legal ripoff? In fact, why is the local taxpayer responsible for indigent health care? Has America become a socialist state? Obviously, Gadsden County accepts socialist practices.

The local Burger King restaurant charges 8 percent tax and nobody in local government restricts this practice. In effect, Burger King is making a half-cent illegally construed profit on every dollar spent by customers. How many other businesses are doing the same? This is unacceptable and criminal, in my opinion.

The government is not protecting the average taxpayer and some businesses are taking money from our pockets and putting them right into their profit margins.

This is illegal and reprehensible.

Jim Hruska