Reader outraged by commissioners’ decision

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By The Staff

I don’t interfere with nor attend the Gadsden County commissioners meetings on a regular basis. But since there was so much hoopla about opening the hospital, I decided to attend their meeting out of concern and curiosity, to see and hear what the commissioners had to say.

I was not impressed and only impressed by one commissioner’s determination, Brenda Holt, to open a 25-bed facility for the people of Gadsden County.

Commissioner Doug Croley was persistent toward his quota of five, but the commissioners agreed by vote that the facility would open with four beds with later additions.

This was an insult to the citizens of Gadsden County.

I just saw an ambulance coming back from Tallahassee, which goes back to Holt’s statement about the money we’re spending over in Leon County.

I guess the commissioners feel alright now that they’ve undown what former county manager Marlon Brown had done.

If the hospital doesn’t open up on time, it will be the commissioners’ fault, while they are debating about who will get the contract.

It doesn’t make sense, but I guess the commissioners’ feelings were hurt when they revealed the low bid and the county manager decided to help local business by employing Ajax instead of Childers.

Alphonso Figgers