Quincy man dies in shooting

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Police arrest suspects in Leon County

By Erin Hill

A Sunday night shooting has left a Quincy man dead and his family grieving.  
Shalaunda Nealy said she was in her upstairs apartment washing dishes with her daughter Key’Lasha Thomas when the sound of gunshots rang out at Gadsden Arms, an apartment complex.
Key’Laysha said when she heard the first gunshot she dropped the dish and asked her mother if she heard it.
“Lord, I hope that’s not my baby,” was Nealy’s response, both women said.
Both women said they then heard five or six more shots.
When the gunfire ceased, Key’Lasha said she ran outside to see what happened.
“She came back in and said ‘Ma, it’s Bull,’” Nealy said.
Both women said they were in shock.
Nealy said she didn’t go outside at first, but she immediately called 911.
Key’Lasha said when she ran back downstairs, her twin brother, 19-year-old Kentrell Thomas, was lying on his back and bleeding from his head.
“I grabbed his hand and told him to hold on and squeeze my hand until the ambulance got there,” Key’Lasha said.
Key’Lasha said he squeezed her hand two times and looked up into her face, then closed his eyes and let go.
“It’s a hard pill to swallow because that’s my other half,” Key’Lasha said.
Thomas and his twin are Nealy’s only children.
“They took my son have no more children,” Nealy said.  Her voice trembled.  Her eyes were bloodshot red.
Nealy said Thomas had a one-week old daughter.
“He was proud to be a daddy,” she said.
She said the medical examiner later told her Thomas had died from a single gunshot wound to the head.
She said she doesn’t know why anyone would have wanted to kill her son, but she went on to say a lot of people had been sending him threats via Facebook.
On Monday afternoon stuffed animals, candles, hearts and balloons had been placed near the spot Thomas was gunned down.  Nearby was a mirror with the words “Bull RIP 427”spray-painted on it.  Thomas’s blood could still be seen on the sidewalk.  Several people stopped by the memorial that afternoon to pay their respects.
According to a statement from Quincy Police Department, officers responded to the scene around 8 p.m.
QPD Capt. Robert Mixson said law enforcement officers identified two suspects in the case.  Mark Williams, 21, is being held at Leon County jail.  Mixson said Williams already had warrants in Leon County.  According to the jail’s website, Williams was also booked on charges of dealing in stolen property and fraudulently pawning an item under $300.
The other suspect, a 15-year-old, is also securely detained in Leon County, Mixson said.  He did not confirm or deny if there are more suspects in the case.  However, he did say they have leads that they’re following.
QPD said this is an active and ongoing murder case and more information will be made available as it is obtained.  
Mixson said QPD is working closely with the state attorney’s office and the Leon County Sheriff’s Office
Police are asking anyone who may have been a witness or have any information about the case to contact Mixson at 850-627-0138.