Quincy Florida X-Treme wins title at ESPN Disney Classic.

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Over Memorial Day weekend Quincy’s Florida X-Tremeunder 16 basketball team took part in one of AAU’s biggest tournaments in the country, the ESPN Wide World of Sport’s Disney Classic.

The event attracted teams from as far away as New York, New Jersey, Minnesota, Indiana, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia and Florida.

The X-Treme began tournament play Friday night by defeating St. Paul’s of Minnesota 71 to 41 with West Gadsden stand out Branden Shingles leading all scorers with 21 points and Landus Anderson, 18 points and Chavis Fitzgerald with 16 points. 

Saturday afternoon X-Treme rolled on to two more wins by defeating team one of Indiana 75 to 37, Landus Anderson led the scoring with 27 points, Chavis Fitzgerald had 17 points. Kali Walker added 21 points and Brandon Shingles had 16 points in the win. X-Treme then took on Team Fusion of South Carolina, defeating Team Fusion 88 to 49, as Marqus Formen and Team X-Treme put’s on a dunk fest with Marqus Foremen shattering the backboard in this one.

Later that night, X-Treme played Team Slam of North Carolina and went on to defeat Team Slam 79 to 55, with Landus Anderson and Brandon Shingles scoring 24 points each, Chavis Fitzgerald had 14 points.

Monday morning X-Treme took on Powerhouse Naples Team Magic and went on to defeat Team Magic 68 to 60, in overtime. That earned X-Treme a berth in the championship game.


X-Treme took on the Middle Georgia Wolves for the championship of the Disney Classic, and defeated the Middle Georgia wolves 60 to 35, to win the Disney Classic Championship of 2011, with Kali Waters scoring 22 points while Kelson Pembeson had 17 points and Marqus Foremen had 14 points.


ESPN Wide World of Sports subsequently uploaded vidio footage of  the championship game to YouTube. It can be viewed at http://youtu.be/ZJfC4q2wuL8?hd=1 or go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZJfC4q2wuL8