Quincy commission votes to fire city manager

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The Quincy commissioners voted 3-2 to remove City Manager Jack McLean Jr. from his post during the March 25 meeting. Commissioners Micah Brown, Andy Gay and Derrick Elias voted for the removal. Commissioners Keith Dowdell and Larry Edwards voted against it.

“I will reiterate that this community needs to start seeing the best in people instead of the worst in people,” said McLean after the meeting.  

The situation was complicated by questions about the status of McLean’s employment contract. Elias made the motion to remove McClain — and he said his motion was made with the understanding that the city manager’s contract was valid.  

According to Jeff Williams, Quincy’s interim finance director, the city government will owe McLean the money he would have earned over the next five months that his contract covered—about $60,000. The city may also owe him as much as $90,000 more.

McLean said if the commission wanted to terminate him, they should leave him in place until his contract expires, making better use of the time for which they will still be paying him.

“All of the departures have been caught up in this finger-pointing,” said McLean. “It makes it very hard for people to do their job.”

Mike Wade, city utilities manager, will adopt the role of interim city manager. Wade has been with the city for 28 years. 

McLean doesn’t know where he is headed next.

“I haven’t even thought about it,” he said. “I’ll figure it out later. There’s a lot that needs to be done here — but somebody else will be doing it.”