QPD: Shooting update includes arrest, crack sales alibi

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By Robert Allen

The Quincy Police Department arrested Phillip Dale Lowe, 19, of Tallahassee, on April 22 after he was identified him in a photo lineup. He is the latest suspect in the April 11 shooting at the Gadsden Arms Apartments in Quincy.

According to a report from QPD, the arrest followed a wealth of new information the department procured vie interviews during the two weeks following the crime. 

Suspect Chauncey Reed Hawkins chose to provide information when Gadsden deputy’s visited him at the Leon County Jail after the neighboring agency arrested him. 

Hawkins, according to the QPD report, told investigators the situation devolved after he and three friends met April 11 in the Sawdust community. Hawkins said they were high on “molly” (an illegal street drug) — and wanted to go looking for more. 

They then decided to go to the Gadsden Arms Apartments in the previously reported black Nissan Titan, now identified as stolen. Hawkins said Lowe drove with Chazdin Miller in the front passenger seat while he sat in the backseat with another suspect, Ke’ontai Watson. 

Once at the apartment complex, Hawkins said Miller stepped out of the truck then stopped the first man he came across and hit him over the head with a handgun. According to the QPD report, Hawkins said Miller said the man had molly. 

Hawkins said the badly bleeding man then handed over the molly he had on his person — along with some cigarettes. 

According to the report, Miller then asked Hawkins for his gun, a weapon Hawkins said he purchased from Miller after Miller stole it from a police car. Hawkins said he handed it over. 

Now, with a pistol in each hand, Miller approached the playground where, according to Hawkins, he began pointing both weapons and demanding more molly from the people there. Hawkins said no one moved — so Miller started shooting. 

He hit at least one man as he ran away, according to police records. 

At this point, Hawkins said an unidentified man began returning fire from an apartment doorway. Lowe, according to Hawkins, then began shooting as well, aiming toward the source of opposing gunfire. 

Shortly after this exchange, the foursome left. According to Hawkins, they were all together with Lowe still at the wheel of the stolen Nissan truck. Hawkins said they later abandoned the truck in Gretna. 

According to the QPD report, later assessment of bullet holes coincides with Hawkin’s account. 

Hawkins said at the time of the shooting they had all been awake for several days and gone through about 10.5 grams of cocaine, in addition to the molly. 

Miller, arrested April 18, attempted to provide an alibi proving his distance from the April 11 shooting. According to QPD’s report, Miller told investigators that on April 11 he was likely in Tallahassee, selling crack cocaine somewhere on Ridge Road. He could not, however, offer more specific information. 

Lowe is now charged with armed robbery with a firearm, aggravated battery with a firearm, aggravated assault with a firearm, shooting into an occupied dwelling, discharging a firearm unlawfully and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. No bond was set.