Pastor shares story of church’s faded flag

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By The Staff

 I am the pastor of Ole Gospel Tabernacle Church on Geddie Road  in Tallahassee. Since the flag cannot speak, let me speak for her. "I was looked upon each day on Geddie Road through the wind, rain and sunshine. I was not ashamed to be identified with the church where I flew. I was looked upon in Iraq, Fallujah and Habayniah. I was saluted by young men and women, as well as high-ranking officers. I saw the same young men and women fall in death while fighting for your freedom in America. I was properly cared for by those who loved me. My prayer is that God will help our church and state rally behind our young men and women, that there will be no doubt that we support their efforts."

I received this flag from U.S. Marine Corps Sgt. William Copeland. After I received it, I hugged his neck and asked him if he'd do his service all over again. His answer was, "I most certainly would."

He wrote the following: "A flag can stand for many things...in this case, it stands for the answer to a mother's prayer. My mother attended this little church in 2007. When she heard I was going to Iraq, she replaced the flag in front of the church. She gave me the old flag and asked me to take it with me. In June 2007, it arrived in Fallujah. In July, it flew proudly in Habayniah. It was here that God performed a miracle for me and answered my mother's prayers. I was electrocuted and should have died, but God had other plans for me. Within 10 minutes of falling from the roof of the building, I was returned to duty. In November 2007, this flag and I returned to Fallujah. On Jan. 1, 2010, it is my privilege to return this faded flag to its original post."

Let me encourage all who read this to keep praying for our troops. God bless America!

Bobby Key