Parents thank teachers

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By The Staff

The parents of the 2008-9 Metropolitan Christian Academy kindergarteners would like to recognize Mrs. Brent and Mrs. Wilson for their outstanding work in opening our children’s minds to new ideas, serving as excellent mentors, and helping to create exemplary citizens.  Their compassion and devotion to our children is priceless.  They have proven to be vital in helping our little ones to mature, to understand the world and to understand themselves.  

 We wanted to let the community know how incredibly grateful we are for their desire to dedicate themselves to our children’s success. Their steadying hand and firmness of purpose helped to guide and nurture their desire to be successful.

In short, their attention and belief in the children has helped to reconstruct their character and confidence in their own capabilities.

Therefore, their impact on our children’s lives will be one of a strong legacy.  We intend to continue that work and can only hope we haven’t been spoiled by the group of teachers we have had this year!

 Again, thanks Mrs. Brent and Mrs. Wilson for your help and love of our children.  We wish both of you continued success as you continue to passionately raise up tomorrow’s leaders.

Parents of MCAA


Note: The school is located in Havana.