Parent tired of bullying

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By The Staff

Is the bully law being enforced in the public schools of Gadsden County? In my opinion as a parent, no!

My son, a sixth grader in the county school district, has not felt safe in the schools he has attended. As a fourth grader at Stewart Street Elementary, he was bullied on a daily basis by some male students in the same  grade. According to my son, there were no teachers supervising the halls when he was called names, pushed and threatened.

Finally, one of the boys pushed him down and began to punch him. My son had no choice but to fight back. His father and I were in contact with the principal prior to the fight, but our son was still suspended for fighting. He has an excellent school record, good attendance and good grades, and now has a suspension on his record.

While attending Gadsden Elementary Magnet in fourth and fifth grades, the bullying continued, along with a shocking invasion of his privacy on three different occasions. After each incident, the boys doing the bullying were talked to by the principal and resource officer and sent back to class.

I transferred him this year to Havana Elementary School this year, and he was suspended four weeks into the school year, again for fighting, for three days. He again had defended himself against a bully. It did not matter if he was beaten on his head, that a teacher saw the fight and did nothing or that there was a lack of supervision in the hallway. Thank God we still have some good kids, because a group of seventh graders broke up  the fight. Otherwise, my son could have been beaten literally to death by being punched in his upper temple  several times by a bully.

Will our kids who are attending school and doing what they are supposed to do continue to be suspended because they are forced to fight bullies who threaten to do physical harm? Is the victim of bullying supposed to stand and be beaten on his head and do nothing? How will our school district handle this?

Lorraine Bridges