Parent lauds GCA principal

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By The Staff

During the few years that I have lived in Gadsden County, I have definitely had my share of ups and mostly downs when it comes to working with teachers and administrative staff in our school system. But this school term, I am proud to say that Gadsden County has finally produced a principal that truly cares about our children. His name is William R. Blitch.

My son attends Gadsden Central Academy, and Mr. Blitch is his principal, and even though my son has stepped out of line and broken a few rules, Mr. Blitch has been so determined and committed to helping me keep my son in school.

There are so many educators these days that send our children home for most simple reasons, but Mr. Blitch has said tome many times that children belong in school, not at home doing nothing and in the streets getting into trouble.

Parents, this is a principal that we should support. He's a man that's not only there for you Monday through Friday, he'll even help you with your child if you need him on the weekends also. I truly couldn't ask for a better principal and friend. So whenever you find a teacher or principal that is trying his or her best to help your child, please don't ignore it. Support him or and let him or her know that you are willing to aid in any way that you can because we don't have many principals like Mr. Blitch anymore. And by that I mean a principal that cares.

Tamita McMillon