Panthers fall hard to baby Rattlers

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Times Sports
The start of the game proved to be downhill for the West Gadsden Panthers as an 82-ard return was negated by a holding penalty.
The Panthers would go on to lose 40-3 in their third game, falling to 0-3.
The Panthers finished the game with 185 yards of total offense with Israel Grande’s final play of the game, hitting a 27-yard field goal to remove the game-ending goose egg.
Eighth-grader Pedro Bostick racked up a total of 13 solo with six assisted tackles, and Teron Fitzgerald added 10 solo with eight assisted
“We need to play more discipline on defense to take away open holes that allow our opponents to have burst for several 10 to 15 AA yard gains.”
Coach Antonio Bradwell said, “There are only two seniors that are playing with a majority of freshman and sophomores. We’re playing good at times, but we need to put together a complete game, and our young inexperience shows.”
West Gadsden Panthers will play Friday, hosting Baker County High at 7:30 pm.