Officials await results on ID of body in car

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By Alice Du Pont

An automobile crash claimed the life of one person early Aug. 19 in Chattahoochee.

A spokesman with the Chattahoochee Police Department confirmed that the crash occurred around 4 a.m. on Maple Street. The identity of an individual in the car has not been confirmed because the body was too badly burned. DNA testing will be used to confirm the identity of the victim, which could take up to a week.

"One of our officers actually came up on the accident shortly after it happened. There were two people in the car and the passenger had gone for help. It has been officially called vehicular homicide and is being investigated by the highway patrol," the spokesman said.

The car was registered to Travis Simmons of Chattahoochee. A passenger in the car, Jacora Brown, was injured and taken to Jackson County Hospital.

According to Lt. Patrick Murphy of the Florida Highway Patrol, the identification of the victim will not be released until it has been confirmed through medical records.

"We could have taken someone's word for it but we want to be certain and the only way to do that is through medical records," he said.