My letter to the jolliest of elves

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By Angye Morrison

I spent quite a bit of time toward the end of last week typing letters to Santa from local kids, along with our newest Times family member, Kayla. We both enjoyed the letters, particularly the way the children worded them and what they asked for.

But typing all those letters got me to thinking...what would I write if I penned a letter to Santa? That’s a heavy-duty question for an adult. I mean, it’s fairly easy for a kid to write a letter to Old St. Nick. They never have trouble with it, since they pretty much know what they want for Christmas by the Fourth of July...

But for us adults, well, it’s a different story.

I could go the usual route, and ask for the things I want, like a couple of books that I’ve seen at the bookstore, a CD I’ve been eyeing, and a few other odds and ends I could use. There’s always my usual fallback...Georgia Bulldog stuff. I collect it, and anything with a Dawg on it is a great Christmas gift in my opinion.

Or, I could go the silly route, and ask for “out there” kind of stuff. Like what I told a friend of mine the other day when asked what I want for Christmas...I said, “Make sure he’s tall, dark and handsome, and rich enough to afford me!”

But when I really give some thought to the question of what I’d like to find under the Christmas tree, I’d have to say that what I’d really want, you can’t wrap and stick under even the most well-appointed tree.

So here’s my grown-up Christmas list...

1) I want Santa to bring our troops home. I know and appreciate the reasons they are serving their country overseas, but I want to see them come home, particularly those who’ve done multiple tours of duty. They’ve done their duty. Bring them home.

2) I want a cure for cancer. I can’t even imagine what it feels like to have a doctor say, “I’m sorry. You have cancer.” After the very close call I had just weeks ago, I want a cure to be found more than ever. I was petrified with just the thought that it was a possibility. But facing the knowledge that you have this often-fatal disease? No one deserves that. I’m like most people these days...I’ve lost too many friends and family members to this horrible disease. Enough is enough.

3) I want to see an end to hunger, homelessness and poverty in America. We see the commercials on television about hunger and poverty in other countries, and it’s easy to forget that we have people in our own backyard that don’t have a place to lay their heads at night, no food to eat and no way to make their situations better. Then I see athletes and celebrities making ridiculous amounts of money. It’s just not fair. It’s time we all step up and do our part, whether as individuals, churches, civic organizations or other groups. We’ve got to take care of our own. I read in a very good book the words, “to whom much is given, much is required.” If you’ve got even a little extra, somebody could use it. Step it up.

4) I’d like more time with my family. Each year I realize just how precious it is to have a supportive and loving family, and each year I realize just how fast time is slipping away. For the first time in my life, I’m starting to think of my parents as finite...they won’t be around forever. I have to cherish them, and the rest of my family, and make the most of every moment I have with them.

5) I’d like to see America truly come together – forget the struggles during the election and get behind our new president. Whether you voted for him or not, he is our leader now. Our country is in a terrible mess, and our nation’s commander-in-chief is going to need each and every one of us to say a prayer for him every single day.

6) And last of all, I’d like to see Gadsden County prosper. I know it sounds a little cliche, but it’s really how I feel. This little county has grown on me, and I’m proud to call it home. I believe we’re making progress, and it’s only going to get better. But we must let the past remain in the past, and all look toward the future. We’re in this together.

So Santa, if you can slip these six things under the Christmas tree, I’ll personally come to the North Pole and help you sweep up the workshop and tidy up for next year.

And I promise, I’ll be good next year, no matter what...