More drug arrests

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By Alice Du Pont

The Gadsden County Drug task Force continues to make street level arrests throughout Gadsden County.

            • On March 30 a search warrant was served at 911 7th Street in Quincy the home of 60-year-old David Sinclair. Members of the task Force knocked on the door several times and when there was no response they went in and found two men and two women. One of the men was Sinclair who had an warrant for sale of marijuana. A search of Sinclair's bedroom revealed what appeared to be cocaine residue and a12-gauge shotgun. Sinclair has 4 felony convictions. Outside of the home, task force members found 4 four marijuana plants growing in plastic buckets on the back porch. He was arrested and charged with one count each of use and display of a firearm during a felony, renting a structure that is known to sell drugs, producing marijuana, possession of drug equipment, and possession of a firearm by an adult felon.

            • Markus Dwayne Jackson, 33, was arrested after he sold a confidential informant $20 worth of powder cocaine. The informant was en route to another location when he was flagged down by Jackson on Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd. who offered to sell him the cocaine. The informant was unable to identify Jackson but the surveillance equipment was successful in recording a clear video and audio of the transaction.  He was charged with one count each of sale of cocaine and possession of cocaine.

            • Tommy Lane Jenkins, 56, was arrested after a search warrant was served at his place of residence at 44 Moccasin in Ocklocknee Estates subdivision. He was asked by tack force members if there were any illegal drugs or weapons in the house. He showed authorities at Ruger GP100 357 Magnum handgun in the den area of the home. Jenkins, a convicted felon also showed task force members 3 long guns in the closet as well as a Palmetto Model 11 single shot 10 gauge shotgun, a Mossberg Model 402.22SL and an unknown make and model .410 shotgun. During the search approximately 6 grams of powder cocaine along with drug paraphernalia was located in the laundry room. A small clear baggie, containing approximately 1 gram of cocaine was found inside a laundry basket in Jenkins' bedroom. Less than 20 grams of marijuana was found in the kitchen area. The report stated that Jenkins said all of the drugs were for his personal use. Several electronic scales with cocaine residue were found throughout the home.

            Jenkins shares the home with his son, Cedric, who was not at home at the time and his grandson who was at home and witnessed the search. The report stated that Jenkins told task force members that his son is in and out of the home and that he had no idea what was in his locked room. When the door was breached and a  complete search revealed a Glock semi-automatic handgun, .223 Assault Rifle and a stolen Remington Model 870 shotgun. Cedric Jenkins is also a convicted felon.

            Tommy Jenkins was charged with one count each of possession of cocaine with intent to sell, display of a firearm during a felony, owning or renting a structure where drugs are manufactured, possession of marijuana, possession of cocaine, possession of a weapon by a convicted felon and possession of drug equipment.

            Cedric Jenkins of later arrested and charged with possession of a weapon by a convicted felon.

            • Johnny Lee Jackson, 37, was arrested on April Fool's Day after two deputies on routine patrol noticed white Nissan Altima sparked on Shadow Street and U.S. High 90 in Quincy. Sgt. Rodney Moore recognized Jackson as an individual for whom he had open warrants for sale of cocaine. A search of Jackson's person revealed a small clear baggie of white powdery substance in his right front pocket and a field test of the substance proved positive for cocaine. Jackson said he didn't know the cocaine was in his pocket but that he probably placed it there when he was selling cocaine in the past. He said he no longer sells illegal drugs. He was arrested and charged with one count each of parole violation and possession of cocaine.

            Anyone who has information on illegal drug sales is asked to call Sgt. Rodney S, Moore at 850-933-2241.