Midway police chief arrested

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By Alice Du Pont

Midway’s Chief of Police, 52-year-old Terron Lindsey, was arrested Dec. 19 on charges of official misconduct, a third-degree felony and petit theft, a second-degree misdemeanor. His bond was set at $5,500 and was posted around 9 p.m. the same evening.

He was placed on administrative leave, with pay, by Midway City Manager Auburn Ford Jr. The council has called a special meeting for Dec. 27 to discuss the matter, according to Ford. He had no further comment on the arrest or Lindsey’s fate as a city employee.

The matter was sent to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement for investigation on May 18, 2011, by Ford after allegations were made by Deborah Lawson. Lawson, Ford said, was an acquaintance of Lindsey, and the allegations warranted forwarding to FDLE for investigation.

Ford said Lawson and Lindsey apparently had a disagreement. and Lindsey was hit in the head with a plate resulting in an injury that required five staples. Lawson, for her alleged actions, was arrested, placed in the Gadsden County jail and charged with battery.

“The allegations, which included tampering with evidence and other criminal activity, are pretty serious,” Ford said in May.

Here is the timeline prior to Lindsey’s arrest:

* Oct. 24, 2011, Lindsey was hired as police chief of Midway. As a condition of employment, he was required to pass a urinalysis test.
* Oct. 28, 2011, Lindsey presented a urine sample to Patient’s First Clinic on Appleyard Drive in Tallahassee. He signed a form stating the specimen was his and he had not adulterated it in any manner.
* May 18, 2012, Midway City Manager Auburn Ford Jr. forwarded information to FDLE after allegations that Lindsey was involved in criminal activity.
* May 18, 2012, a juvenile gave a sworn statement to FDLE that a few months earlier, Lindsey asked him to urinate in a small shampoo bottle. He was allegedly given money and a box of candy by Lindsey for his efforts.
* May 18, 2012, Deborah Lawson also gave a sworn statement to FDLE that when Lindsey was going through the hiring process, the juvenile told her about the urine, candy and money. Lawson stated Lindsey told her he needed the specimen to pass the urinalysis. She also stated Lindsey put $52.93 in fuel in her personal vehicle using a city of Midway credit card at the Pilot Truck Stop.
* Oct. 31, 2012, in an interview with FDLE Lindsey stated he purchased the fuel on May 15 but it was put in Lawson’s personal vehicle because the woman was a Confidential Informant. He reportedly could not provide documentation signed by Lawson, nor would he recall details of what investigation she was helping him perform. He denied giving the juvenile money and candy and didn’t know why the individual would make the allegations.
* Nov. 27, Lawson told an FDLE investigator she was not a Confidential Informant for Midway when Lindsey fueled her car.
* Dec. 6, Lindsey was reportedly shown the form he signed when specimen was submitted for urinalysis by FDLE investigator.
* Dec. 19, Lindsey was arrested on charges of official misconduct and petit theft.