Midway leaders ponder sewage treatment

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By Alice Du Pont

Michael Murphy of Hatch, Mott & MacDonald engineering brought the Midway Town Council up to date on the firm’s progress with their facilities plan during the Aug. 1 council meeting.

The company has been looking into the most feasible way for the city to provide its citizens with a wastewater collection system. For several months the firm has been studying preliminary plans for Rustling Pines, Orion’s Point and Hilltop Subdivisions as well as providing backbone services along High Bridge Road, MLK Boulevard and East Brickyard Road.

“We have identified three treatment alternatives. One, you can buy the existing plant from Talquin. Two, you could tie into the existing Talquin and three, you could build a new wastewater treatment plant,” Murphy said.

He said they have met with Talquin to discuss the existing plant and the collection system several times, but a decision is contingent on what the council wants to do and whether Talquin will agree. Talquin, he said, would probably come to an agreement with the city on the collection of wastewater and sewer disposal, but water is a profitable part of the corporation’s ventures.

Murphy asked the council to provide direction so the firm could complete the facilities plan and submit it to the proper agencies.

Of the three options available, council members chose two. Option one: the gravity sewer, with the advantage of flow reduction, which provides for a lower chance for mechanical failure, and the city would not be responsible for mechanical failure. 

However, the disadvantages include the disruption of streets during construction, potential for problems as the system ages and funding that does not pay for service laterals.

The third is to connect to and expand the Talquin Waste Water Treatment Plant. The advantages of this option are that the city would not have to operate the WWTP and it leaves the door open to buying the Talquin WWTP. The disadvantage is the city would not control the WWTP.