Midway interim manager reports continued progress

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By Cheri Harris


Dot Inman-Johnson, Midway’s interim city manager, said municipal progress continues slowly and surely.

“We’re waiting on a first reimbursement from the state that has been cleared,” she said, “and we’re working on getting some more approved.”

These Department of Economic Opportunity reimbursements are for a recently constructed fire station.

“We estimate the first reimbursement to be somewhere around $74,000,” she said. “I’ve asked that it be expedited, and they’re doing the best they can,” she said, “but the people higher up because of the controversy in Midway are having to approve it, and they, as you would imagine, with legislative issues coming up are kind of tied up with other things.”

She said the council voted to approve her contract last week, with Councilman Charles Willis casting the dissenting vote.

“We’re working hard,” she said, “and I think we’re forming a good team to get the job done. I’m going to be concentrating on workshops for the council on some of the bigger issues coming up to make sure they are fully informed on all of the ramifications of a decision on the planned charter school and wastewater treatment plant before they make any final decisions on those issues. “

She said she wants to do an update on the proposed senior citizens center. She said she wants a full report for the council on what it would take to build the center and what the financial ramifications would be of maintaining and staffing it.

She said the council also agreed to take the charter school out of the budget because there is no charter school at this point.

City staff are also working on reviewing annexations to the property appraiser has the most up-to-date records so the city is not receiving all the revenue it could generate.

Inman-Johnson said she has advertised for an in-house chief financial officer and a planner.

For the city’s parks and recreation department, Inman-Johnson said she asked for help from the city of Tallahassee because it has one of the best parks and recreation departments in the nation.

Inman-Johnson continues to enjoy her new job.

“I really like the people here,” she said. “We have a good group here, and we’re building a good team.” 

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