Midway, Gretna eateries cited for critical infractions

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By Angye Morrison

A Midway restaurant was cited for seven critical violations, while a Gretna eatery received five during recent inspections by health inspectors from the Florida Department of Business  & Professional Regulation.

The Midway Lindy’s Chicken was cited for lack of use of chemical test kit when using chemical sanitizer at its warewashing machine, a buildup of slime on the soda dispensing machine, a buildup of soiled material on racks in the reach-in cooler, a buildup of grease and/or soil deposits on the racks near the fryers, a vacuum breaker missing at the hose bibb, hand towel dispenser on the floor in the men’s restroom and no cleanser at the sink in the kitchen for handwashing.

The restaurant received two non-critical citations, including an open dumpster lid.

The Waffle House was cited for six critical violations: uncovered bacon and sausage in the holding  area, improper use of food container used to dispense ready-to-eat food, employee observed not washing hands or using gloves when switching from raw food to ready-to-eat food, buildup of slime on soda dispensing machine, no hand drying provision at sink and employees had not been trained in relation to their assigned  duties.

The non-critical violations included non-functional guage at hot water nozzle on dish machine, wiping cloth sanitizing solution not at proper minimum strength, open dumpster lid, wet mop not hung to dry and no Heimlich maneuver sign posted.

At the Best Western Panhandle Captial Inn & Suites, the inspector cited four critical violations, including bread stored on the floor uncovered food in the holding area, handwashing sink used for other purposes and no waste receptacle in the women’s restroom.

Non-critical violations were an in-use utensil not stored with handle above the top of potentially hazardous food and clean equipment stored on the floor.

The Comfort Inn & Suites had only one critical violation, uncovered food in the holding unit. There were no non-cricital violations.

The Howard Johnson Express Inn received no critical or non-critical violation citations.

The Ranch House in Gretna was cited for five critical violations, including chicken  taken from original container and placed in an unmarked container, no thermometer in holding units, bathroom not enclosed with tight-fitting, self-closing doors and no proper hand drying provision at handwashing sink and both the women’s and men’s restrooms.

Non-critical violations were single-service articles handled in a manner that allows for contamination and wet mop not hung to dry.

All restaurants passed inspection, according to the department’s Web site, and the reports indicated that most infractions were corrected immediately on site.