Mayor Finley Cook retires

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By Alice Du Pont

After serving nine years on the Quincy City Commission, one as mayor, Finley Cook said goodbye Tuesday night, during the regular meeting of the commission. He promised, however, to stay around and stay in touch.
    "It's been a pleasure sitting up her for nine years. We've had some battles and all in all it's been for the good of the city. I want to thank God, my wife and children for putting up with all of the sleepless nights. I will miss it. I've tried to do everything I could for the good of the city and the commission has started to see the bottom line, not the cash flow," he said.
    Cook gave each commissioner, the city clerk, the city manager and the city attorney a book as a parting gift.
    "You are all great guys. I will be around because I was born and raised here and I love this city to death," Cook said.
    Commissioner Keith Dowdell told Cook it had been an honor and a privilege to serve with him and asked him not to forget the commission.
    "You've run good meetings and you've served your city and your constituents well," said Commissioner Andy Gay. 
    Cook, who has been the most fiscally conservative member of the commission, stressed the importance of reserve funds that were adequate to operate the city in case of an emergency,
    Mayor Pro-Tem Angela Sapp, read a resolution honoring Cook on his retirement.
    The resolution noted that Cook has "worked diligently on his goal to continue fiscal control and accountability over the finances of the city, while providing safety and service to all residents of Quincy."
    "As a result of his focused fiscal persistence he assisted in leading the city of Quincy out of the economic downturn-by setting up reserve accounts-balancing a tight budget-while maintaining a positive cash flow," the resolution continued.