March 18 Edition: Letters to the Editor

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By The Staff

Doctor ready to hand out medal to politician who supports ADAGE

If there was an Olympic medal for the most hypocritical politician, Rep. Alan Williams would win the gold for his March 1 Tallahassee Democrat op-ed. “Protecting our children should be a top priority,” he writes.

Really? Perhaps he can explain his hypocrisy because he fully is aware of the health impacts including an increase in infant mortality and asthma attacks should the proposed biomass plant for Gretna became operational.  Williams has heard from several doctors in personal conversations warning him of the dire health  consequences.  Organized medicine including the Florida Medical Association, Physicians for Social  Responsibility  and the Massachusetts Medical Society, representing approximately  75,000 physicians,  are deeply worried about the tons of poisonous emissions that would belch from biomass plant smokestacks.

“We must prepare well for Florida’s future” opines Williams. Chemotherapy, asthma medications and  coffins must be part of his plans.

Williams, your Olympic-sized  hypocrisy is shining like the fireworks in the closing ceremony in Vancouver. Renounce your support of the biomass plant and regain the trust of those who elected you to office.


Dr. Ronald Saff

Physicians for Social Responsibility member

Show us the proof

Frank Holcomb, Gadsden County chamber chair, in submissions to several area newspapers justifies chamber support of the proposed ADAGE biomass power plant in Gretna. He writes, "asked tough questions...in return we've received straightforward, fact-based verifiable answers from ADAGE." it would be of great help to those of us who are spending a lot of time researching this issue for the chamber to share with us those questions and the answers they received. We'd also like to know how they verified the answers.

Is it possible that the chamber may have been too quick to recommend? In light of public concern, they may want to review their recommendation. The decision to invite the biomass plant into the county is a decision after all, which is being made by the city of Gretna and, by inaction, Gadsden County commissioners.

Marylyn Feaver