Man accused of attacking pregnant woman

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By Robert Allen

A woman, eight months pregnant, called 911 early in the morning hours on July 20, according to her own sworn statement, when a Havana man she let into her home began beating her and threatening to kill her.
The suspect, Richard David Jordan, 33, allegedly appeared at the woman’s residence around 2 a.m. - knocking on a window and yelling to be let in. Once allowed inside, she reported he was drunk and argumentative.
But when she told him to leave, the beating began.  
As the ferocity of the encounter escalated, Jordan threw a rocking chair at the woman. After it hit her, she told police she tried to use it as a shield - until Jordan broke the chair apart while pushing it into her stomach, according to the report.
She then used a piece of the splintered furniture to defend herself. She told the officers she swung the makeshift weapon at Jordan while telling him to stop or he would kill the baby. Jordan told the woman he would kill her instead, according to the report.
According to the arrest report, he held her by the hair, pulled her to the floor, grabbed her furniture-weapon, and began hitting her in the head with it before repurposing the piece as a choking device.
When Jordan eventually decided to take a break, he retreated to another room in the house; the woman told police she used this moment to call 911.
She reported Jordan was further incensed by the call, telling her if he was going to spend the night in jail, he was going to have a good reason. He then allegedly resumed beating the pregnant woman.
When responders from Havana Police Department and the Gadsden County Sheriff’s Office arrived, Jordan immediately exercised his rights by refusing to sign his waiver of rights. According to the arrest report, Jordan then threaten the officers - making a statement about catching them without their badges and guns.
Jordan is charged with battery, two counts of aggravated battery, and crimes against a person. His bail is set at $20,000.
The woman’s wounds were photographed and EMS was on the scene.