Local woman’s collection has become a family affair

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By Alice Du Pont

Margaret Bredsher can't explain why she started collecting angels. But they offer her a certain comfort level when she feels a little down from the pressures of life. Somehow, when she looks around her home and sees an angel in almost every corner, she said she feel's "God's protection."

Bredsher doesn't know exactly how many angels she owns. The number, she guessed, tops 400. While she has some on display throughout her Key Street home year round during Christmas, all them are on display.

"I don't name things but I would guess if I have a favorite angel, it would be the crystal one I bought when I first started collecting. I found it in a little boutique store and there was just something about it that really drew my attention, so I bought it," she said.

Through the years, as the the collection grew, so did her family's affection for her new hobby. When she saw one she liked she bought it, sometimes over the protests of her husband, Robert, and her granddaughter, Brianna. She says every time she buys another angel, one of them asks, "Don't you have enough angels?"

But the family's loving complaints all translate into helping her find spaces for the angels. Her husband, who has miniature cars, has confined his collection to the office.

Just 2 weeks ago on her birthday, her granddaughter bought her a baby angel nestled in the palm of a ceramic hand. That one, which is the newest, is on display in the foyer.

With so many angels it's easy to see how a person could lose track of them. But not Bredsher. She can can account for every angel, even the ones she no longer has in her collection.

Some, she said, were left behind when the couple relocated to Quincy 2 years ago from Bloomfield, Conn.

"When we got ready to move we had to get rid of some things because we were moving to a smaller house. Some of my family and friends wanted a keepsake and asked for one or two of my angels. I wouldn't have parted with them but I felt that was a good reason and I knew they were going to good homes," Bredsher said.

The angels come in all sizes from miniature ones that fit a lapel to the 4-foot gold one at the foot of her bed.

"Some people may call my collection junk. But how many dresses can you buy? This is what I like and Christmas is the perfect time to share them when friends and relatives drop by," she said.

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