Local reverend honored for service

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By The Staff

I would like to add to the accolades of Rev. Jake Till, who died recently after a very fruitful life.

Several very good writers left out this very important ministry of Till's, and I would like to add it to the record.

Till served for at least 25 years as chaplain to the Florida State Prison in Quincy. He preached to, counseled and baptized incarcerated young men; I would estimate around 2,500. I am tempted to wager that very few of these men never came back to prison but were instead released to a glorious adventure that Till described to them every Sunday.

He was a great preacher of Christian values. He could count, word for word, tune for tune, and sing all of the verses of the songs in the hymn book and play them on the piano, accordion and other instruments. When he and Sandra sat down at the piano and sang the old hymns, I felt the presence of God there.

In addition to all of this, he could recite Bible verses, poems, stories and experiences related to the subject of the lesson or sermon.

He gave 25 years of experience to God, the people of Florida and the nation. Peter Yun even flew in from Korea to honor Till at his funeral.

Bascom Logan Mahaffey