Local residents make resolutions...or not

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By Alice Du Pont

Just about all of us do it. At this time of year we start thinking about New Year's resoultions. Resolutions are those promises we make to ourselves and a few other responsible people about what we plan to start and what we plan to stop in the coming year. The lucky ones are able to keep the promises they make and fulfill their ideals.

It seems that couples may be a little better at keeping resolutions than single people. It may be because they have someone right there to remind them of that promise once they begin to slide back into those old habits.

Take Vic and Moneek Walker, a lovely young couple who live north of Quincy with their 2-year-old daughter, Payton.

"We going to take more time with each other. Payton is the center of our lives and the center of attention and as first-time parents, I think we lose sight of the fact that we need to focus on each other sometimes," Moneek said.

The same holds true for husband and wife team Yolanda and Glenn Edwards. Yolanda is a licensed funeral director and owner of Williams Funeral Home. Glenn is a successful businessman with a wrecker service and an auto body business.

They both have unconventional hours and may be called out at any time, day or night, to work.

"We're going to do our best not to let business interfere too much. But with the kinds of businesses we run, our time can never really be called our own. The businesses are unpredictable," Yolanda said.

The top three resolutions for 2009 are to get out of debt, stop smoking and lose weight. Other resolutions that people are targeting this year, according to a national poll are: getting fit, enjoying life more, quit drinking, get more organized, learn something new and spend more time with family.