Local business owners pay up

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By Alice Du Pont

Quincy city officials are happy that more commercial accounts are paying their utility bills. Following an article published two weeks ago naming commercial accounts that were collectively more than $50,000 behind in payments, collections on commercial accounts are up.

"Of the more than $54,000 we were owed we've collected about $52,000, which is a significant amount. Those businesses that did not pay all of their bills have made arrangements to pay. We appreciate their efforts and we thank them because this is going to make a long term difference," said City Manager Jack McLean.

All of the business accounts are current but the city continues to closely monitor the situation to prevent it from getting out of hand again.

McLean said the collection rate has gone up on commercial accounts from 84 percent to 95 percent.

Service to several businesses was interrupted but, McLean said, they came in within hours on the same day and paid their delinquent bills.

"When businesses and citizens don't pay their bills, we cannot pay ours. It wasn't fair to our residential customers to interrupt their service and allow commercial accounts to run up bills for months. I think they understand where we are on this and that we need everyone to pull together so the entire community can move forward together," McLean said.