Local athletes strut their stuff in the Gadsden County Special Olympics

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By Angye Morrison

Gadsden County’s Special Olympics was held last Wednesday at East Gadsden High School, featuring events such as the assisted walk, walk, wheelchair, assisted wheelchair, assisted running, running, 100-meter wheelchair, running long  jump, standing long jump, tennis ball throw and softball throw.

The winners were:

• 10-meter assisted walk: Chamel Williams, first place.

• 10-meter walk: Luis Becerra took first place with a time of 12.0; Robert Huff also won first place with a time of 17.4.

• 10-meter assisted run: JaQuarius Mann won first place with a time of 3.9, Jakalyn Swatts took second place and Pierre Phillips won third.

• 25-meter assisted walk: Devontaye Hicks won first place with a time of 11.0.

• 25-meter assisted wheelchair: Shanna Hatten won first place with a time of 9.2, Kristin Bishop won second with a time of 9.9, and Brittany Betton took third with a time of 15.8. Reginald Madge also won a first place ribbon with a time of 9.3.

• 25-meter run: Tyrianna Harden won first place with a time of 8.7, and Teresa Parades won second with a time of 9.4.

Diamond Williams won first with a time of 9.5, Dasha Edwards won second with a time of 11.7.

Scott Kamara won first place with a time of 9.2.

Raheem Jones won a first place ribbon with a time of 63, while Kevontrez Faulk won a first place ribbon with a time of 9.4.

• 50-meter wheelchair: Brandi Murray won first with a time of 1:02.7

• 50-meter walk: Sarah Faison took first place with a time of 24.3.

Carza Williams posted a first place win with a time of 22.8.

• 50-meter run: Angel Manuel won first with a time of 10.4, while Javeda Lewis took second at 11.3.

Tyshambreal Calloway won first place, 10.6; Shaquandria Ward, second place, 11.0; Krissia Tejada, third place, 15.9.

Hannah Harden won first place with a time of 34.5.

• 100-meter walk: Alicia Winbush, first place, 53.4; Tracey Crews, second place, 1:05.2.

Travis Akins, first place, 54.1.

• 100-meter run: Spring Price, first place, 17.4; Shamika Thomas, second place, 17.5

Gabrielle Coleman, first, 19.2; Tisha Woodard, second, 19.4; Floricel Ortiz, third, 19.7; Kailyn Palacios, fourth, 20.8; Jekillia Jones, fifth, 21.5.

Chanel Mitchell, first, 26.9; Blanca Tejada, second, 27.7; Danah Mobley, third, 30.4.

Fatasjah Dudley, first, 21.1; Ashley Peters, second, 21.5; Crystal Johnson, third, 22.1; T’Erica Mason, fourth, 22.1; Chekeria Brooks, fifth, 22.4; Shai’Dreika Green, sixth, 22.8.

Klaressa Williams, first, 19.03; Dekendra Bostick, second, 19.04

• 50-meter run: Tamarquez Simmons, first, 9.7; Jimmy Strawter, second, 9.8; KeVonte Ford, third, 9.9; Roshawn Wesley, fourth, 10.1.

RonTerrius Cooper, first, 11.8; Dannie Harley, second, 12.0; David Flowers, third, 12.8.

Andrew Thomas, first, 12.1; Johnathan Williams, second, 13.2; Nicholas Stolz, third, 13.7; Trevon McCray, fourth, 13.83; Rodney Sanders, fifth, 13.84.

Anthony Carter, first, 13.8; Alfredo Perez, second, 15.5; Rodgeous Parker, third, 16.2.

• 100-meter wheelchair: Kaledrick Mathis, first, 38.4

• 100-meter run: Surray Brown, first, 15.2; DeQuavious Charleston, second, 15.6; Arderrious Smith, third, 16.3; LaQuanta Oliver, fourth, 17.4.

Antonio Walker, first, 17.4; Terrill Shaw, second, 17.7; Kenshardra Shipp, third, 17.7; Randarrious McClure, fourth, 18.0.

• 100-meter run: Javon Scott, first, 20.4; Javontez Thomas, second, 20.7; Kenshardricque Dennard, third, 21.4; Fadeldrick Hannah, fourth, 22.0.

John Shipp, first, 21.1; Christopher Berry, second, 26.5.

Dakota Ibarra, first, 14.2; Jermaine Booker, second, 15.3; Dontavious Moye, third, 15.6; Ronteris Chavers, fourth, 16.0; Milton Thomas, fifth, 16.2.

Anthron Phillips, first, 20.2; Deon Davis, second, 20.4; Ronderrious Pollard, third, 22.3; Carnail Spencer, fourth, 22.7.

Deonte Pete, first, 22.1; Timarius Williams, second, 24.6; Sean Skeete, third, 26.0; Gabriel Saenz, fourth, 27.66; Jelani York, fifth, 27.67.

Joshua Myers, first, 33.0; Gregory Saenz, second, 34.1.

Ronterius Wilford, first, 14.6.

Andrew Mohammed, first, 18.4; Christopher Cone, second, 19.5.

• 200-meter run: Savontae Jamison, first, 32.2; Jose Juarez, second, 37.0

• 400-meter run: Robert Jackson, first, 3:14.4

• Standing long jump: Trevon McCray, first place, 82 cm.

Jimmy Strawte, first, 1m58cm; Tamarquez Simmons, second, 1m50cm;  KeVonte Ford, third, 1m20cm.

• Running long jump: Kenshardra Shipp, first, 1m54cm; Deon Davis, second, 1m40cm; Javontez Thomas, third, 1m32cm;  Kenshardricque Dennard, fourth, 1m13cm; John Shipp, fifth, 1m08cm.

DeQuavious Charleston, first, 2m50cm; Randarrius McClure, second, 2m23cm; LaQuanta Oliver, third, 1m76cm; Javon Scott, fourth, 1m46cm.

Antonio Walker, first, 2m95cm; Arderrious Smith, second, 2m70cm; Jose Juarez, third, 2m60cm; Fadeldrick Hannah, fourth, 1m80cm.

Ronterius Wilford, first, 2m92cm; Surray Brown, second, 2m75cm.

Daktoa Ibarra, first, 3m19cm; Milton Thomas, second, 3m01cm; Dontavius Moye, third, 3m00cm; Savontae Jamison, fourth, 2m72cm.

Christopher Cone, first, 2m41cm; Ronterrius Chavers, second, 2m13cm; Jermaine Booker, third, 2m10cm; Andrew Mohammed, fourth, 1m77cm.

• Standing long jump: Tyshambreal Calloway, first, 1m45cm; Angel Manuel, second, 1m00cm; Javeda Lewis, third, 00m92cm.

• Running long jump: Spring Price, first, 2m05cm; Floricel Ortiz, second, 1m37cm; Jekillia Jones, third, 1m50cm.

Crystal Johnson, first, 1m60cm; Tisha Woodard, second, 1m57cm; Dekendra Bostick, third, 1m57cm;  Gabrielle Coleman, fourth, 1m41cm.

Shamika Thomas, first, 2m80cm.

• Tennis ball throw: Raheem Jones, first, 7m80cm; Devontaye Hicks, second, 5m50cm.

Chamel Williams, first, 1m80cm; Luis Becerra, second, 00m80cm.

• Softball throw: RonTerrius Cooper, first, 19m70cm; Roshawn Wesley, second, 13m50cm; Dannie Harley, third, 13m40cm.

Rodney Sanders, first, 3m90cm/3m60cm; Kevntrez Faulk, second, 3m90cm/3m50cm; Johnathan Williams, third, 3m80cm.

Alfredo Perez, first, 4m00cm; Nicholas Stolz, second, 3m00cm/2m80cm/2m00cm; David Flowers, third, 3m00cm/2m80cm/1m70cm.

Rodgeous Parker, first, 11m00cm; Andrew Thomas, second, 10m90cm; Anthony Carter, third, 8m00cm.

Carlos Gray, first, 15m70cm.

• Tennis ball throw: Dasha Edwards, first, 2m70cm.

Teresa Parades, first, 4m50cm; Tyrianna Harden, second, 2m90cm; Diamond Williams, third, 2m70cm.

• Softball throw: Kamara Scott, first, 2m50cm.