Letters to the Editor: Jan. 28 Edition

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By The Staff

A big thank you to Sheriff Morris Young, his department and Lt. Corder of Gadsden County for the way they stepped up to help the homeless during the recent cold weather crisis.  This was a very compassionate act which they provided when they saw the need. 

I am so proud of Gadsden County and the way this department represented us.  It's good to live in a county where people help people.  Acts like this are what makes America the great country that we are. 

Margie Sims



I have many concerns regarding the proposed ADAGE biomass incinerator in Gretna.  Since I live very close to the intended site, I recently sat in on a meeting with my commissioner and an ADAGE representative.  After listening to the rep, I do not feel one bit better.

If citizens are hoping for employment they have a good chance if their resume includes experience on a navy ship working on the boiler, experience with high-tech military communications or if they have worked on a submarine (I am not joking – others heard this, too!)

My commissioner said there is a neighbor across the street from the proposed plant who is worried because four members of the family have asthma. The ADAGE rep admitted those whose health is already compromised may have more problems.

The ADAGE rep said his company will not come where they are not wanted.  Does that mean not wanted by a few officials or not wanted by the greater population?

I'm glad  this is not a done deal and am praying it goes away.

Barbra Gaye



The Gadsden County Commission’s Economic Development Team, the Chamber of Commerce (David Gardner), chosen by the Gadsden County Commission in a 4-1 vote last fall, and paid with our tax dollars, has brought the proposed ADAGE biomass incinerator project to Gadsden County. On Jan. 19, commissioners met individually with ADAGE representatives at commission chambers in non-public meetings. Yet when asked about this project, commissioners claim, “this is a Gretna project.” This lack of responsibility is shameful.

The Gretna plant is a serious issue for Gadsden County residents and property owners, as there will be an adverse impact upon health, environment, quality of life and property values. These hazards do not stop at the Gretna city line.

It would be responsible on the commissioners' part to organize a public hearing. The commissioners who have invested our tax dollars in this project, through the chamber, owe the public this meeting. The public needs this information, as ADAGE visits all elected officials countywide and pastors in Gretna.

If commissioners are opposed, they can also take action individually on behalf of their constituents.

Once ADAGE files for an air permit with the DEP, all elected officials in Gadsden County and Gadsden County citizens have 14 days to file an Affected Citizens Complaint against the permit/project. This is a short timeline for a response. Because neither the Gadsden County Commission nor the city of Gretna have seen fit to hold public meetings on this proposed plant, you have put our citizens at great disadvantage in having a voice on this major issue. You are putting all of us at risk.

Commissioners, you have had time to study both sides. You owe your constituents an honest statement of your position, and real action if you oppose this project.

Leonard Robinson


(Robinson is vice president of the Concerned Citizens of Gadsden County.)