Letter to the Editor: Are they spouting lies?

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By The Staff

How many jobs are we up to now, 1,100?  That’s almost three times the initial claim of 400 new jobs created by the proposed Gretna power plant, which is three times what they say is the real figure of 124 of which there is really only 24 at the plant.  Wow.  How did we get here?  Let’s pile lie upon lie. 

When ADAGE tells us that there will be however many hundreds of constructions jobs (the numbers keep getting bigger and bigger), remember that on any construction job, many different people do work on a site over time, but most only stay for a short while with one crew coming in and another leaving, so there may only be 30 or 40 people working there at a time,  for example.  

The other jobs that involve harvesting trees for fuel may go to companies in other counties.  The estimated supply area is said to go out to 50 miles away from the plant.  That is an area 18 times the size of Gadsden County, so companies that supply fuel could be based in another county, such as Liberty County, Wakulla County or Georgia counties.

A most important question raised during the paid consultant-run meeting put on by ADAGE and the politicians of Gretna last Thursday evening at the National Guard Armory in Quincy was about health effects.  Of course the ADAGE salesman and their toxicologist said that the Department of Environmental Protection is going to protect us.  Just because the Department of Environmental Protection will give this plant approval does not mean emissions from this plant will not harm us.  The DEP has not set new standards that reflect current research findings that show the smallest particles emitted from this plant can get deep into our lungs and tissues and cause or worsen many problems including asthma, COPD, heart attack, cancer and premature birth.  The only medical doctors at the meeting were in opposition and stood up and made their own statements out of turn, because they were given no turn by the meeting’s organizers.  Time was monopolized by Antonio Jefferson and the paid consultant, Jerry Paul.  Pastor Carter, who moderated, did an admirable job of managing a difficult situation.

Lloyd Schell