Letter to the editor 11/04/2010

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By The Staff

Why would the school, East Gadsden High set eligibility requirements for the Miss East Gadsden pageant that included: having already passed the FCAT, have at least 2.8 GPA, etc... and do not abide by the very requirements/rules that they themselves have set? And if they allegedly changed or lowered their eligibility requirements why did they not make it known and issue a new revised requirement list. So, how unfair is that! Maybe more students if they had known the eligibility requirements did not matter or had changed would have competed? But we all know, that there were no new revised eligibility requirements, no one received them.

These requirements have been in existence for a couple of years. In the past 2008 and 2009 Miss East Gadsden pageant only two contestants competed. Likewise, this year 2010 had the eligibility requirements been followed instead of overlooked, there would have been fewer contestants qualified to compete.  

Unfortunately, we live in a world where family notoriety, money, and favoritism sometimes prevail over truth and fairness! What does this teach our children? That making good grades and doing well in school does not matter!
So, how do the students suppose to feel, the ones that worked hard, made good grades and met the requirements? How are the students suppose to feel, the ones that may have competed had they known that the requirements apparently did not matter?
 Truly, there are no real winners in this situation! Because in the end, both the students that met the requirements and the ones that did not met the requirements were hurt behind the school officials mistake! One thing for sure, “YOU can never solve a problem, when you create an even bigger problem!”
It would probably be better for all students involved that there be No Miss EGHS 2010.
Kelissa Huggins