Letter to the Editor

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Dear Editor,

Every week that passes we find out about some corruption or unethical behavior that seems to have infected this county. As the county commission was working to get the hospital open, Craig McMillan was everywhere trying to sale the idea to whoever would listen. Doug Croley would always fall over himself praising Mr. McMillan for his unselfish commitment to serving the public. McMillan would always send a word of praise back to Croley and the commission. Was McMillan really an unselfish public servant? The facts will show that Mr. McMillan was looking out for Mr. McMillan. Guess who has the insurance on the newly renovated hospital? If you said Pat Thomas and Associates of which Mr. McMillan is an owner then you would be correct. So, Mr. McMillan was pushing to have the big money spent on the hospital for his own benefit. The insurance premium on a $12,000,000 building is much greater than a building that was renovated for $1.5 million. Don’t forget about the $3,000,000 worth of equipment and other items that Mr. McMillan is providing insurance for. How much did your company benefit from the renovations Mr. McMillan? How can you in good conscience receive such a personal benefit from the renovations you were pushing as the Chairman of the Hospital Board? Did you ever disclose how much you were going to benefit from your efforts at getting the building renovated? I hope the people of this county will take a look at this and let the county commission and Craig McMillan know that this will not be tolerated. Seriously, just think about it for a moment, the chairman of the hospital board is providing the insurance for the hospital. Even though the building is a county building it just is not right for someone to be in a position of influence as Mr. McMillan and personally benefit from his actions as a member of a public board as the hospital board. The hospital board is funded by the county. It also does not look right for Mr. McMillan and John Pat Thomas to show up on Doug Croleys campaign report as supporters. We had Doug Croley and Craig McMillan working hand in hand to spend the big money on the hospital with McMillan and Thomas giving Croley money and the Pat Thomas and Associates receiving a big increase in premiums being paid because of the plan Croley and McMillan were pushing hard to finish. This kind of “ pat each other on the back” between elected officials and those doing business with the county must stop. Mr. McMillan, you should have resigned from the board or ceased being the insurance carrier for the county. It may not be illegal but it has a terrible odor about it. It is difficult now Mr. McMillan to be impressed with your “public service”. This seems to be the way it is now with Croley in charge.

Clarissa Carney