Kids just do gross things...it's the law

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By Angye Morrison

Kids do gross stuff. That’s just the way it is. I believe, in fact, it’s a part of the kid creed they’re handed at birth.

My 3-year-old niece, Amanda, is no exception. I got an e-mail from my brother (her dad) last week that proved that although my niece is a prissy, pink-loving, lip-gloss-snitching girlie-girl, she also has a gross side.

The unthinkable happened this way: as her parents were putting her to bed, Mommy noticed some specks on the wall. She inquired, hesitantly, “Are those...boogers?” Amanda instantly broke into giggles, but denied the specks were nose candy.

My sister-in-law quickly bid her daughter goodnight and left the room. After she reached the safety of the hallway, she burst into laughter. Boogers are, after all, gross but funny. Everybody knows this.

That’s when Daddy became involved. He, too, questioned the little giggler about the specks, asking again, “Are those boogers?”

She denied it again. “No sir.”

My brother then proceeded to explain to her that he has a booger testing kit at his office, and that he planned to bring it home from work the next day so that he could test the specks to see if the aforementioned wall art is, in fact, the B-word.

At this point, Amanda became serious. She’s a smart kid. A clumsy artist, but a smart kid. She knew the jig was up.

After a brief explanation of what a test kit is and why this fictional thing has a red light on top (she asked), he posed the critical query one final time.

And Amanda came clean.

Before she was able to close her eyes in slumber that night, Amanda got a lecture on why it’s wrong to display that kind of art and she was instructed to use a tissue.

Now, I’m a firm believer that you can learn something every day from those who cross your path and the circumstances you face. It’s the taking of those things and applying them to our own lives that enables us to grow and evolve into better people.

But I’m just not sure I can glean anything from this one.

I’ll be visiting Amanda soon for her fourth birthday. I’ll be joyously helping her to celebrate, and I’ll certainly shower her with gifts and affection. A girl only has one fourth birthday, after all.

And I’m sure that as I watch my smart, funny and adorable niece, I’ll learn something new and I’ll certainly giggle a lot...something we should all do each and every day.

What I won’t do is look too closely at the walls in her bedroom.

There are some things even a favorite auntie cannot be expected to do.