Just as you must tend a flower, you must tend Gadsden County

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By The Staff

Waiting out the storms this weekend, I decided to start a planter of flowers for my office window.

One thing about seeing something grow is you'll have to work all the aspects together to produce the blooms. The soil requires preparation and handling, and the plants need tending.

How similar these basics are to the organizations that tend to growth in Gadsden County.

Our chamber and its members tirelessly work the soil of Gadsden County and tends to all aspects of growth, in order to see us bloom.

Additional efforts exist by our Economic Council and Tourist Development Council.

Hundred of hours are spent daily across this great coun-



ty by men and women who seek to better our lives and provide local jobs to us, our children and grandchildren.  

Promoting all the greatness Gadsden County has to offer is essential to our future.

The Gadsden County Times is 110 years old. These years bear witness to generations of good and sad news, events, marriages, births and passings.

Our doors are open for your voice to be heard.

The Gadsden County Times IS your newspaper and thanks to you, we grow as Gadsden blooms.