Just stick to the TV schedule

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By Alice Du Pont

It's almost time for the baseball A-Star game and we're still waiting for the basketball championships to be over. That's great for basketball fans who, I'm sure, would like to see it year round. But for the rest of us who like sports seasons, these extended season are getting on my nerves.

I'm sick of seeing baseball throughout most of October when football season is in full swing. They interrupt perfectly good football games to show us the World Series. That's not fair to fans who want to enjoy football when it should be played, September through December. But then football isn't any better because spring training is only days away from the Super Bowl game.

We all know that these extended seasons are designed to get the last penny out of us and we gladly go along with the marketing specialist and the spin doctors who started all of this in the first place. Personally, I've decided that if a sports event is not in season, I'm not going to watch. Of course, the television commercial gurus won't miss the few dollars I might spend on their product. But at least I know I won't be supporting their games.

It has nothing to do with the sport or the athletes who play them. I watch all kinds of sports. I prefer football, basketball and baseball in that order. But since Tiger Wood, I've been known to watch quite a few golf tournaments. I've even been known to watch bowling.

It has everything to do with my liking sports routines and them getting me off my routine by overlapping sports. I know I can see almost everything on ESPN or any one of its variations but it just isn't the same.

Now, I'm going to have to decide whether to watch the Orlando Magic battle the L.A. Lakers while wondering if the Devil Rays can keep their winning streak alive long enough to get back into the World Series this October and win