Just stick to the truth

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By Alice Du Pont

There are some people who fascinate me. Liars for instance, fascinate me.

Liars say the craziest things and think that they are believed. I often wonder what makes them tick. I like to watch them when they are in action. If you have ever noticed, a really good liar gets caught up in his own lies.

Observe them as they begin to weave the tale. It doesn't matter if the truth can be traced, they think it never will of course. To a liar, what he’s saying seems to sound good at the moment. Even if you catch him in lie, he just has another one handy and it flows off the tongue like silk.

A liar will never admit a lie. If you show him on paper, he'll simply say he was misquoted or say he never said it and  if you let him listen to a tape, he’ll say he "doesn't remember" ever saying it. When caught, some liars don't say a word, they just stop talking. Other liars get angry with the person who caught them and stomp off, presumably demonstrating their dislike of getting caught.

Elaborate lairs are the ones to watch. These people can tell lies that go on for days. I know this one guy who can start telling a lie on Monday. Part two comes on Tuesday and part three comes Wednesday. Mind you, this is the same lie that he has embellished for the past 72 hours. This is a sustained lie. It's almost as if he forgot to add on something and needs that long to finish.

This guy can also tell one lie to cover another with lightning speed. It makes me wonder what is going on between his ears. Is there mass chaos in there even though he appears calm on the outside and even jovial at times? When he's around me I get quiet. I watch him as he looks for chances to enter the conversation and start lying.

If the conversation is about hunting and whoever is talking says that they have killed a wild turkey in Havana, he says he killed an elk in Wyoming.

“But when were you in Wyoming?” I want to ask, knowing the answer will be something akin to before we met or you weren't around.  Duh, I've only known you for the last 30 years. But I refrain because I know it’s useless.

Liars invariably think they are believed. What they don't know is nobody believes them.

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