I've made my list and I've checked it twice

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By Alice Du Pont

Here is my wish list for the season. I probably won't get all that I wish for. I never do but there have been many times that things have gone my way. So here is my Christmas wish list:

• That each child who wants to succeed have a mentor who can help him or her reach that goal.

• That battered and abused women will find the courage to say enough is enough and move beyond that relationship.

• That elected officials will put the what's best for everyone above their selfish motives.

• That the hospital will open on time and those who don't want it to open will shut up once and for all.

• That jobs, better jobs, will come to the county to replace those that were lost and that people will be ready.

• That enough stimulus money will trickle down to repair our roads, bridges and streets.

• That all of you who have rips or tears in your family, for whatever reason, will find a way to repair them.

• That all children will be safe in and out of school as well as to and from.

• That people who live here will finally take advantage of all there is to offer here and stop complaining.

• That the New Orleans Saints will make it to the Super Bowl and win.

• That all of you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and be safe.

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