Items needed for Shanks makeover

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By The Staff

Gadsden County Coalition for Change - Shanks Middle School Makeover

1400 West King Street, Quincy

Mark Your Calendar!  July 11 - July 18                

8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Goal: To create a fresh, clean and comfortable learning environment for Shanks Middle School students thus raising the bar for Gadsden County academics by creating a much needed personal involvement from Shanks students, parents, families and friends throughout the community.

The Gadsden County Coalition for Change extends its appreciation for contributions and volunteers from: Stones Home Center, Bell & Bates, Shanks Parent Teacher Organization, Douglas Harris, Shoppers Express Printing and Copy Services, Buy-Rite Drugs of Havana, Coastal Lumber, the City of Quincy, Gadsden County Commission, Boone’s Signs, Cumulus Broadcasting, Imperial Nursery, Clinton Nursery, Boyd Sod Farm, WORKFORCE plus, Teen Court, Department of Corrections and the Gadsden County Sheriff’s Office.

Even in light of these helpful contributions more supplies are needed to complete this large project. Please read over this list and see what you can do to lend a hand:


264         large sponges

132         10-12 quart buckets

264         simple scrub brushes

264         safety goggles

264         pairs household latex gloves

264         4” paint scrappers

132         sponge mops

132         sponge mop handles

242         angled 2 ½" paint brushes

                for oil or latex paint

121         roller screens

242         roller covers

242         roller frames

121         long roller handles

13           5 gallon buckets

50           small containers for pouring paint into

                (clean one gallon paint cans will work)

100         4 ½ lb boxes tri sodium phosphate

20           boxes of rags

8              long handled scrapers

                (razor type, for scraping gum off floors)

200         sheets 60 grit sandpaper

4              wire brushes

1800+    canned or bottled beverages

The coalition is also hoping to continue signing up a total of 2,010 volunteers for at least one day of volunteering to assist in a deep cleaning of the school and then applying fresh paint. Community service hours will be provided and required forms should be presented upon checking in for a work station. Volunteers are asked to bring with them the following items:


Big grins

Driver’s license

Community service hour forms

Long sleeves and pants

Goggles, rags, 4-6 ft stepladders, buckets, sponges, (if available)

Latex free gloves (if latex sensitive)

Bag lunch and preferred beverage

Contributions can be made by donating the item(s) listed, providing a local gift card/gift certificate payable to Shanks Middle School (Memo-Makeover). All monetary donations should also be made payable to the Shanks Middle School (Memo-Makeover)

Contact Rick Soskis at 850-539-5338 for more information