Informant helps nab suspected drug dealer

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Times Reporter 

Agents of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency, or DEA, discovered about 88 grams of marijuana when they appeared April 2 at Avery Shelton’s Congo Road home in Chattahoochee to serve a felony arrest warrant, according to an arrest report filed at the Gadsden County Sheriff’s office. 

The same report gives this account of the incident:

DEA agents knocked on the front door of Shelton’s residence while announcing their presence. After some delay, Shelton, 34, answered the door and law enforcement took him into custody. 

In plain view, an agent noticed one glass jar and two plastic bags of a substance that later proved to be marijuana. The agents then searched the apartment for further contraband after Shelton provided the authorities with written authorization.

Agents discovered more marijuana in the ensuing search. 

According to an early report filed with GCSO, the warrant originated Feb. 25 when three DEA agents met with a confidential source in Tallahassee to plan the sting in Chattahoochee. 

The group traveled together to a pre-determined staging area in Chattahoochee for final preparations. There, the agents 

provided the informant with a stack of serialized U.S. currency. 

The informant, according to the earlier report, then met with Shelton alone. 

The agents watched the informant leave the meeting. Then, according to the earlier report, they followed the informant directly to a predetermined meeting place. Once there, the informant reported Shelton had made the sale, providing about 28 grams of marijuana. The informant also reported Shelton kept a high-powered rifle nearby during the transaction. 

Shelton faces two separate charges: possession of marijuana and the sale of marijuana. Bond was set at $22,500. Shelton was released the morning after his arrest.