If you send it, we will publish it

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By Angye Morrison

I had a visitor stop by to see me the other day. He was quite upset that the school his grandchildren attend “never makes the paper.”

He went on to tell me that there are very often photos from a handful of our schools, but not all schools are represented. He wanted to know why. I explained it to him, but I figure there are probably lots of other folks wondering the same thing.

You see, the photos and information we run from schools each week is almost always submitted to us by the schools. If the story or photo doesn’t have the name of a Times staff member on it, it was submitted.

There are certain schools in our district who regularly send information and photos to us. We’re glad to publish those. We have some schools that so regularly send items, our coverage looks downright lopsided. It may look to some that we favor those schools. We don’t. We offer the same opportunity to all of our schools; some just take advantage of it and some don’t.

I would challenge all of our schools to keep us posted on upcoming school events. We can’t be at all of them, but we try to come to what we can. And for those times we can’t attend, we invite you to send us photos and information. We’re always glad to publish them for you.

Some might argue, “Why should I take photos and send them to you? Isn’t that your job?” Point taken. But you have to remember, we have a very small staff. And our very small staff is stretched pretty darn thin. We work hard to provide the best coverage of Gadsden County possible.

But there are times we just can’t attend an event. We invite anyone to take pictures and send us the information. We’re glad to put it together and make sure your event is covered, even if we can’t be there. And that includes our schools.

One of our favorite things to publish is the bright and beautiful things our students are doing all over this county. We’ll give as much space as we can each week to this, because we believe in our kids and we support their educational opportunities.

So schools, keep us informed. Send us photos and info whenever you can. In fact, appoint a staff member at your school to be in charge of just that...and we’ll take it from there.

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